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Daniela Stepcich
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Daniela Stepcich
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Do you support recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by changing the Constitution or making some other kind of legal change?
What should the change look like?
The Constitution must be updated to acknowledge Australian Aborigines as the First People.
Should we have a statement that acknowledges the First Peoples of Australia?
Yes. This should be in the Constitution.
Do you have any other comments on a statement about the First Peoples of Australia?
After watching First Australians by Rachel Perkins and A Secret Country by John Pilger, I believe we should acknowledge that the Aborigines were a much more sophisticated race than the British.
Should the word 'race' be taken out of the Constitution?
I don't know
Should the Australian Parliament keep the power to make special laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?
Do you have any ideas on what new words could be used to describe that power, or where in the Constitution to put the power?
Indigenous people have a knowledge and understanding of the land that we lost hundreds ? of years ago. The respect and gratitude that they have for the land and animals needs to be passed on to us. This is the key to solving the way we pollute the land
Do you have any other comments on powers to make laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?
Time and time again our politicians refuse to accept and or action advise from Professors regarding a number of issues including our Aborigines. This must be changed.
Do you think that a guarantee against racial discrimination should go into the Constitution?
Should the guarantee protect all Australians against racial discrimination, or only Indigenous Australians?
All Australians
If there is not enough support for a guarantee in the Constitution, what other things can we do to stop racial discrimination in national laws?
Education and awareness
Do you have any other comments on changing the Constitution to stop racial discrimination?
I recently heard from Rachel Perkins that First Australians documentary is now being shown in our schools. Again, education and awareness is the key to change.
Do you think Indigenous people should have a say when Parliament and government make laws and policies about Indigenous affairs?
Should a new Indigenous group be set up under the Constitution to give advice and make sure Indigenous people have a voice in political decisions that affect them?
Is it worth creating the new group if it can only give advice and does not have the power to block new laws?
Do you have any ideas about what the new group would look like?
A selection of Aboriginal academics and Aboriginals who live off the land
Should we delete section 25?
What would we achieve by getting rid of section 25?
Is there any point in keeping it?
Do you have any other comments?
please refer to http://www.sbs.com.au/nitv/article/2016/03/09/dr-david-suzuki-reveals-seven-things-australia-could-learn-its-indigenous-peoples
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