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Karen Jean Wyatt
What is your full name?
Karen Jean Wyatt
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Do you support recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by changing the Constitution or making some other kind of legal change?
What should the change look like?
The Constitution should acknowledge the first people of Australia, that is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people. This recognition should go further than just acknowledging the existence of these peoples but also that as the first peoples, they have
Should we have a statement that acknowledges the First Peoples of Australia?
Yes. This should be in the Constitution.
Where is the best place to put it?
In a preamble prior to Chapter 1
What should the statement say?
The statement could first acknowledge the first peoples of the land and recognise their strong connection to the land, culturally and spiritually. It should acknowledge the injustice of the past in that they had no voice in the drafting of the Constitutio
Should the word 'race' be taken out of the Constitution?
Should the Australian Parliament keep the power to make special laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?
I don't know
Do you have any other comments on powers to make laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?
I am not sure how to answer this one. While there should be no place for laws based on race in the Constitution, powers for special laws to ensure fair and just treatment of our first peoples should be retained (eg regarding native title and Indigenous he
Do you think that a guarantee against racial discrimination should go into the Constitution?
Should the guarantee protect all Australians against racial discrimination, or only Indigenous Australians?
All Australians
If there is not enough support for a guarantee in the Constitution, what other things can we do to stop racial discrimination in national laws?
It is not just about racial discrimination, but also religious, sexual and gender discrimination.
Do you have any other comments on changing the Constitution to stop racial discrimination?
There is no place in our society today for 51(xxvi). The Constitution should not only remove this but turn it into a positive statement to ensure no racial discrimination. Ideally, I would like to see this section of the Constitution broadened to reflect
Do you think Indigenous people should have a say when Parliament and government make laws and policies about Indigenous affairs?
Should a new Indigenous group be set up under the Constitution to give advice and make sure Indigenous people have a voice in political decisions that affect them?
I don't know
Do you have any other comments on this Indigenous group?
As with any group of people, there is no single voice for everyone. The risk with any advisory group is that one voice can dominate and not be representative of broader and divergent views. I am concerned that the complexities of including this in the Co
Should we delete section 25?
What would we achieve by getting rid of section 25?
The Racial Discrimination Act already prohibits banning any racial group at State elections. Retaining this section keeps alive the 'White Australia' ideals of the past. Removing it sends a clear message that Australia is moving forward
Is there any point in keeping it?
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